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These life helpers have helped me to:


  • Baron Baptiste and his all-star cadre of assistants that support his trainings.
  • Brandon Campagnone, Naima Workman, and Coeli Marsh at Baptiste Power Yoga Boston, a Baptiste partner studio. Wonderful ‘teacher’ teachers and leaders in the community.
  • Claire Este-McDonald and Gregor Singleton at Down Under Yoga (formerly Baptiste Yoga Studios) in Boston and Cambridge. Their warm welcome, support and belief in me opened the door teaching in a competitive yoga town.
  • Linda Domino at YogaSoul. Big-hearted energetic mentor to me with plenty of loving reminders to provide relevant, minimum cues in class. In non-yogi speak, this means to please kindly shut up once in a while. My students have greatly appreciated it.
  • Lara Heimann at YogaStream in Princeton, NJ. Wanna finally nail that handstand? You’ll get it here with her help. She makes her way around the country to various studios, too, so check out her website to find her.
  • Naime Jezzeny and Sue Elkind at Dig Yoga in Lambertville, NJ. If your big toe is an inch too much out of place, or anything at ALL is out of alignment, they will correct it. And get you into poses you never thought imaginable. The space is nothing short of stunning, either.
  • Frog Lotus Yoga: Beautiful studio and teacher training program located in an historic, former textile mill in the Berkshire Mountains where I completed my RYT200-hour training.
  • Need to buy a gift? Check out my friend Janis’ creations at Karmicstone. A portion of all sales goes to charity.



  • Pure Natural Market. If you’re visiting Hilton Head Island, fuel up on fresh, vegan, Jamaican cuisine at this island-y cafe and stay awhile. They take their time, and treat everyone who visits like family.
  • Isa Does It, by Isa Chandra Moskowitz. The first, and still favorite, vegan cookbook I purchased. Tasty, doable recipes with great photos and tons of laughs to keep it things from getting too serious.

One comment on “Recommended

  1. Linda Domino says:

    Thank you, Shannon,
    for your love and support. I remember watching you glide up into handstands in my classes during your first practices in Princeton. I miss your beautiful practice but I miss your warm presence more. Gotta get to Philly! xo, Linda

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