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Came across a friend’s video post on FB a couple days ago sharing her thoughts on motivation. As a fitness coach/yoga teacher/former collegiate gymnast who makes walking on her hands look as natural as walking barefoot on a putting green, she knows a thing or two about motivation. Her message?

Motivation alone won’t get the job done.

Motivation is awesome when you can get it. Some days I can’t get to my yoga mat fast enough. Can’t wait to press my palms and feet into the floor, build a fire below my skin, and sweat until my Keratin-bound hair goes wild-ass curly.

Others days I wanna punch my alarm clock. My 49-year old creaky shoulders beg to stay buried below the comforter. Cranky hips from two decades of pounding city streets in pursuit of a half-marathon PR cry no. And a  cavalcade of excuses spring forth:

You worked out yesterday, you’re good. Your cat needs cuddling. You’re outta laundry soap. Just dial back on the popcorn and peanut butter today…

Commit to Growth. Growth is the most important thing there is – Baron Baptiste

Thankfully, the excuses rarely win. Because through a lifetime of trying every shortcut possible, I’ve realized that if I stopped at motivation, I’d be a sack of crap reaching for another Corona feeling sorry for myself every night. 

Since discovering Baptiste Power Yoga a decade ago, I’ve learned that Growth is the most important thing there is. Baron Baptiste puts it rather bluntly: we either grow, or we die.

Truth can hurt. Or heal. As long as I could get real with myself. In my 20s and 30s, I’d double up on workouts later to ignore the right now moment in front of me…the right now moment where opportunity lives. Circumventing several right now moments led to out-of-whack sleep patterns (hello triple shot lattes) and delayed muscle soreness that never seemed to subside. Bouncing from one style of yoga to another style the moment I got frustrated or bored left me confused and wondering what the hell there was to gain from getting on my mat. Stopping and starting trendy diets with no regard to my own body’s intuition resulted more confusion still.

Baptiste Power Yoga brought me back to my center. But not without making a radical commitment to my Growth. It’s meant sticking to a Methodology steeped in Asana, Meditation, and Inquiry that requires I stay and go deeper when I wanna jump out. It’s meant refusing to get stagnant in my teaching, and welcoming coaching from my teachers who too are committed to my Growth. It’s meant making the higher call when I wake up in the morning and don’t want to practice.  It meant recognizing there is no later. Only right now. It’s meant committing to foods that nourish and fuel, and avoiding the ones that sabotage my Growth.

I begin teaching at Baptiste Power Yoga Boston in August. Join me!


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