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you’re freestylin it then. A totally unedited blog idea draft

*Note: this post is part of a 20-day writing prompt 101 program I’m participating in. Today’s Prompt: “Today is a free writing day. Write at least four-hundred words, and once you start typing, don’t stop. Just go.”

you're freestylin' it then... (1)The past week I’ve had the coolest brief conversations with individuals around me:

1. the young African American from Charlotte studying sports medicine seated next to me in the back of the plane (last minute planning landed me in seat 36E, my husband one row ahead). We were talking about what we were going to do in Miami. He: meet up with his friend for the weekend, go dancing. Me: nothing planned other than relax by the pool, beach, hang out. “You’re freestylin’ it then…” Yeah, freestylin. I liked that term. He asked me about places I’ve been, I told him, and in doing so, started appreciating the travel I’ve experienced. Paris, San Francisco, Vietnam, etc. He was from the Bronx, said he loved how you could eat from anywhere in the world right there – great Jamaican food. That’s how he ended up loving Reggae music, his Jamaican friends from the Bronx. But he loved Charlotte more, though. Said I should go there. Several times he said this. I should go there.

2. the checkout woman at Star Grocery. About mid-fifties, dyed blond hair and giant smile in spite of losing her voice. I asked her about it. Said it’s because she spent the entire day prior (16 hours) welcoming home sailors at the Hilton Boston near the airport who’d been at sea for a year. I asked how she got involved with that? “Craigslist – I found the opportunity and signed up. It’s program to make them feel appreciated and acknowledged when they get back.”

3. the young, hip barista at Starbucks with a cute short haircut who recognized my perfume “is that Kenzo?” Yes I told her, asking how she knew it. Her friend from London loved it and brought her back a sample. A conversation ensued…

All this is leading me to think about creating a second blog, this one with a more singular focus (as opposed to my current blog which is a cornucopia of several topics). This new blog would be all about simple engagements with people. Who they are, what’s interesting about them, what I learn from them, share with them, and learn about myself in the process. Fewer people, it seems to me, engage in simple conversations instead reaching for the phone or walking around with ear buds mashed in – a signal to others to back off. I always feel more grateful, more alive, after I’ve had a conversation with someone new, and yet it’s a challenge due to my somewhat introverted nature. All the more reason to do it, I suppose.


2 comments on “you’re freestylin it then. A totally unedited blog idea draft

  1. Mark Rodgers says:

    Interesting. Every conversation we have holds a value. It takes just a few seconds thinking to find what the value was. A little bit longer to capture the moment forever in a blog. Go for it.

  2. gw says:

    Free stylin. ..I enjoyed it.

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