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Serially found in a coat pocket (part 2 of 3):

*Note: this post is part of a 20-day writing prompt 101 program I’m participating in. Today’s Prompt: “Write about finding something. Today’s twist: if you wrote day four’s post as the first in a series, use this as the second installment – loosely defined.”

Found: a Holiday memory with my husband

Found: a Holiday memory with my husband

Taking one last look around before belting my ankle-length winter coat, I saw it for what it was: a dwelling. Our third apartment in 3 years, with a stack of boxes in the entry hall waiting to be assembled in preparation for move #4, this unit wasn’t a home. We considered propping up the artificial tree, but practicality won over. A few empty stockings and reindeer figurines would do well enough.

My phone beeped with a text: “just you and me babe. Christmas Eve. you pick the place..”

Earlier, before he returned, the hollowness crept under my bones. I’m no longer there, but not quite here. Every corner of this unit shouted transient – especially the measly number of Holiday cards taped to the kitchen wall. And spacing them out didn’t make a difference.

Christmas Eve this year would be different. No squeezing onto a tight sofa with my three giggly nieces. No ribbing my 40-something brother as he stuffed his plate with jello pudding and baked marshmallows without the accompanying yams. No creating new traditions in this about-to-be-vacated apartment.

I texted back: “Mediterra. love their ceviche. twinkly lights on trees and a festive courtyard too…”

“perfect baby girl. CU soon.”

As he walked through the door, arms open wide with the signature ear to ear smile, my vessel filled. No tree, repeats of Christmas’ past, or plethora of cards taped to a wall could top how at home I felt right now. With the love of my life, who was about to take me to dinner.

And inside my coat pocket I pulled out a little surprise. A two-year old ticket stub from a Holiday concert in Seattle we attended two years earlier, when we first met. The stub followed me all the way here.

Perhaps I’ll tape it up on the kitchen wall. Wherever that will be…

*read part one here: Serially lost in the mail: Holiday cards


2 comments on “Serially found in a coat pocket (part 2 of 3):

  1. Greg Weaver says:

    Damn we look good!

    Greg 267-400-0136

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