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Finding space in my luggage, and my life.

My new suitcase

Lighten up.

After forking over too much cash at Whole Foods (a 9-buck bottle of cold-pressed juice? Hell ya!) two weeks ago, I wandered next door to Marshall’s and found a sleek silver carry-on suitcase for 50 bucks. Now I don’t need another suitcase. Seriously. I own an indestructible Tumi, a sassy orange High Sierra carry on with zippers on every side, and an old Costco warrior that has muscled its way through turbulent skies over Croatia, held steady on bumpy trains across the Tonkinese Alps in Northern Vietnam, and tumbled down a carousel unscathed at an airport in Siem Riep, Cambodia.

I don’t need another suitcase.

But a recent flurry of packing, flying, and schlepping luggage around Seattle, Barcelona, New York and Boston, just two months after moving across five states in the middle of an epic winter, has resulted in a perennially stiff right shoulder and vehement commitment to lightening my load – in luggage and in life. Gimme some space! Hence, the little 50-buck gem lured me in – with it’s light profile, agile four-wheel spin factor, and super extendable handle suited for leggy girls like me. And after guzzling 9 bucks in under 30 seconds, a good deal-of-the-day felt in order. I’m sold. So I bought the thing. Fully expecting to cruise through my next trip, and my life, lighter and more worry-free.

If only it were that simple.

As I packed for a two-night stay in New York, I put stuff in. Took it back out. Back in again…Do I really need my hairdryer? They have one at the hotel. But it doesn’t have the little wedge-shaped attachment I need to get it smooth and straight. Put it back in.

As I strategically aligned heel to toe to pack in yet another pair of boots, and refolded a sweater to make room for one more pair of yoga pants, it hit me: it takes more than moving shit around to create more space for yourself – in luggage and in life. You gotta let go. Surrender to less in order to receive more. My suitcase served as the perfect metaphor. For how hard it is to resist filling up the very space I’ve just created.

I’m currently struggling to resist filling the extra space I’ve created in my life by taking a break from teaching yoga. I’m not teaching. Time to sign up for the French immersion course, practice three hours a day, nail my handstands, submit more articles for publication. Honey, let’s adopt a rescue dog. 

All pursuits worth considering, sure. But not right now. Because right now my heart is telling me I need space. We all need it at different times in our lives, and listening to our hearts vs. the shouldshitspeak consuming our brains 24/7 is the only way to recognize it.

So. What can you take out of your suitcase, and your life, right now, to lighten your load and live more joyfully?




4 comments on “Finding space in my luggage, and my life.

  1. Greg Weaver says:

    Yes I agree baby

    Greg 267-400-0136

  2. Donna says:

    Take time to enjoy your space Smell those roses..and just breathe. But enjoy what you are doing while your doing it. Great read thank you

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