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I’m my own Rock. Who knew??


“You’ve got foundation down solid in your teaching. Keep that!”

I’m going through an intense certification process in the Baptiste Yoga Methodology. Two week-long boot camp style trainings, one 3-day marathon of hands-on assisting practice, countless hours of teaching leading up to all this, along with several essays and reviews surrounding the ginormous topic of yoga have led me to the final piece of the process…

The video. By far the most nerve-wracking and self-tormenting experience of the process. And also the most essential. Taping my class, and trying to self-evaluate it later without throwing orange peels at every misstep is no picnic, but the insight gained is extraordinary. Areas I assumed I sucked at were solid, while several blind spots I’d never thought about glared back at me (was that really me? Leaning against the wall as I asked my students to hold their Warrior two breaths longer? Lord.)

My come to Jesus call with my reviewer from the Baptiste Institute (these reviewers/yogi angels watch every one of our videos start to finish and provide invaluable feedback for us to incorporate into future classes before submitting the second round of video) revealed a huge surprise.

my welcome home from Baptiste L2

my welcome home from Baptiste L2

That I’m solid as a rock. Who knew?? She applauded my mastery of teaching Foundation (one of the Pillars of Baptiste Power Yoga – the others are Breath, Gaze, Flow, and Heat) in class through succinct cueing, hands-on assists, and my own body language.

I was shocked. Just five years ago I felt light. Flighty. Shaky. Weak. Give me a pair of running shoes and I’d fly like the wind. A set of bicycle wheels and I’d ride far and fast. An open-ended plane ticket and I’d take off without an itinerary. But to root down, stand firm, hold up my own body weight – no chance. Not until I re-committed – this time for real – to a daily yoga practice did I begin to discover the comfort and security of standing on my own two feet.

Yoga does that. Commit to the work, power through the poses designed to challenge you, ground your hands and feet firmly into the mat, and you begin build your own unique bad ass chunk of granite that will hold you up. On the mat and off. Every time.

So with that solid foundation, I’ll get my back off the wall, incorporate my reviewer’s “stop doings” and “start doings” and stand solid through the remainder of this awesome certification process and beyond.


2 comments on “I’m my own Rock. Who knew??

  1. Elizabeth Choy Moorman says:

    Loved this, and I concur with your assesses-you know what you’re doing, lady! More power to you!

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