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Level 2 Day Three: A Post-It Reality Check

dont wish*This week I join a badass group of 120 Spiritual Warriors on the Baptiste Power Yoga path in Sedona, Arizona to work, seek, play, and grow in our teaching and in our lives. Here are my reflections:

After the 5-hour morning practice session I struggled to peel the obnoxious plastic wrapping off the pack of Post-It notes we were asked to bring to the afternoon inquiry session. (Multiple Chatturangas and endless Crow poses will do that – have you cursing at a neon orange pack of Post-Its like a crazy woman.) My intrigue for what on earth we’d be doing with the Post-Its kept me on task, however.

At session the secret was revealed. Our Post-Its were a tool to help us listen authentically. I teamed up with a partner in an exercise in listening. My job was to listen for the statements she makes about herself and let loose with my little square of neon stickies, slapping them all over Rebecca as she shared. And she wasted no time covering me head to toe in the latest office supply room raid ensemble of of fuschia-hued notes. Fun times in yoga land! Until I peeled each Post-It off individually and read exactly what I’d been saying. To her. To me. For a very long time:

“It doesn’t really matter…”
“I wish that…”
“If only…”

The sobering reality is that it really does matter that I’m not teaching as many classes a week I’d like. Wishing for more time to work with the precious rescue dogs I spent all summer with won’t make it happen. Caving to my discomfort with giving powerful assists in class by using the words if only will never, ever, make it happen.

Crazy how the words we think and speak show up in live form. This silly Post-It note exercise made me realize now is the time to admit to myself that teaching more classes does matter if I want to honor my intention of guiding more people toward their greatness. Wishing for more time with my pups is a bullshit circumvention around carving out time in my calendar to make it happen. And no ifs, ands, or buts need get in the way of mastering the Art of Assisting. Time to get my hands and heart onto bodies to share the miracle of discovering how these extraordinary poses can lead us into greatness.

Time to quit hiding behind words and start realizing my purpose. Try it yogis – slap on a Post-It every time you catch yourself saying something that holds you back.

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