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Level 2 Day One: I Haven’t Been There Or Done That

JIP*This week I join a badass group of 120 Spiritual Warriors on the Baptiste Power Yoga path in Sedona, Arizona to work, seek, play, and grow in our teaching and in our lives. Here are my reflections:

Just the title – Baptiste Level Two – threw my preparation for this intense week-long training into “been there, done that” territory. I completed Level One. I teach and practice Baptiste Yoga almost daily. I got this already. Been there, done that. Feeling confident (okay, a little cocky) I had the Methodology down pat from last year’s Level One, I tossed my cue card aside until seated in 8D en route to Phoenix. It’ll come back, I assumed. Until I tried to recite the sequence and finer points of True North Alignment in my head. Epic fail. I clearly overestimated my retention skills.

Same story with packing. Tights, tank tops, Advil and a few other items. I got this. What I didn’t get until last night, as I attempted to engineer said items into a single suitcase, was the difference between last year’s road journey vs. this year’s minuscule flight allowance: endless trunk space vs. a single $25 checked bag fee and backpack carry on allowance. What I thought would take 30 minutes turned into several hours of items jockeying for priority – comfy but space-hogging hoodie duking it out with the required yoga block.

The lesson here? The power of perspective. Familiarity can be comforting, but take it too far and it becomes stifling. Adopting a “been there, done that” way of being turns the lights out on discovery, joy, and growth. Familiarity can make us rot. I’m reminded to find newness in every single experience, even if I think I’ve been there and done that. Because I haven’t. Pretty cool way to kick off my Baptiste Level Two training.


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