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The Wisdom of Our Bodies By Anastasia Nevin

I love this post. Throughout past careers I’ve been reminded to listen first before speaking, but it has always been in the context of listening to others. This post underscores the wisdom in listening to ourselves – to what makes our hearts sing. I love this studio too – creative flows, fabulous playlists and loving support from caring teachers make it a must-visit every time I’m in Manhattan.


Anastasia on a beach
Close your eyes and let a big exhale come out your mouth. As you take a moment to go inside, reflect on a soul moment – a moment in your recent life that has somehow touched you… a moment in which you felt a deep connection to something greater than yourself… a moment when you tasted life’s sacredness.

For me, these moments often come in the most mysterious and unexpected ways: a gypsy melody that transports me to my childhood, tears from laughing so hard with a dear friend. These fleeting experiences invite me to come back to my Self, to God, to the Divine part of me that is separate from my Ego-mind.

On my own healing journey, and in my current work as a nutritionist and yoga teacher with people who struggle with eating and body image issues, I have learned that true healing happens when we strengthen…

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