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What a ten PM concert did for me

Beck“Ten o’clock? You mean he doesn’t even take the stage until ten o’clock? On a Sunday??” Before even considering how cool it would be to see one of my favorite artists perform live the tunes I keep repeating on my iPhone, I resisted. Attending the weekend-long  XPoNential Music Festival just seemed like a big ole hassle rife with logistical challenges and unknowns.

Too late. Too far. Too unfamiliar.

xpn1 xpn2But my sweet man already bought tickets, had been dancing around the condo in his festival T-shirt, and circled a handful of ‘gotta see’ bands on the schedule so to flat out refuse would make me a world-class killjoy. Plus Beck was on the current favorite artist.

But ten o’clock. On a Sunday. With big storms predicted. Upon learning of this new addition to our calendar, I immediately launched into a litany of resisting thoughts:

I-76 is hell on wheels (and not in a good way) – do we really want to schlep out and back both days and nights to see a bunch of obscure bands I’ve never heard of?

I’ve subbed out my Sunday morning class too much already – will my students understand?

Lawn seating and sunny skies for this Irish girl mean lathering up in an irritating concoction of bug killer and SPF 1000 to avoid epidermal disaster. 

I’d rather pass.

But I knew I couldn’t possibly. After practicing yoga for several years and surviving a few devastating life experiences, I am keenly aware of my natural instinct to resist. And this music festival experience, looked at another way, was in fact a fantastic opportunity to work through that resistance and discover how amazing life can be when we simply surrender vs. resist.

Another night at our favorite Philly Hotel (Palomar) solved the I-76 to-and-fro nightmare concern. Ditching the guilt of asking for help allowed me to surrender my Sunday class and give a fellow teacher some extra cash for subbing it. And my sweet man could lead any pack of boy scouts – always prepared with SPF, bug spray, blanket, snacks, and garbage bags, which we giddily covered ourselves in as we sloshed through the monsoon that awaited us at Penn’s Landing to reach our car after the Beck concert…

Which began promptly at Ten PM. And without any resistance blocking my spirit, lasted late into an evening I never wanted to end.

So yogis…stop resisting and see what you discover this week.





2 comments on “What a ten PM concert did for me

  1. Greg Weaver says:

    I sent a comment but can’t tell if it posted.


  2. vegandmean says:

    Great post! I tend to naturally resist too. I can hear myself having that same conversation that you did. This was inspiring. 🙂

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