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What is flight? What is freedom? by Jennifer Vafakos

A terrific reminder to channel your inner ‘kid’. Remember a time when you didn’t hesitate to run (not walk) up to another child you’ve never met and ask them to play? Or try a cartwheel or crazy move without any fear of falling? Go back to that place, my dear friends.


Jennifer Vafakos Yesterday I watched children play in the park with uncontrolled laughter. How much fun they had running, jumping, handstanding, cheering one another on over abilities and just playing in the fountain. It looked like so much fun…and then the adult in me realized that the water smelled awful, so sad they don’t have a pool, the pavement is sooo hot…the children didn’t seem to mind any of this. All they seemed to care about was their moment in the sun and their friends. There was a sense of complete freedom and acceptance with one another. I had to laugh to myself because this past holiday weekend I saw this type of situation a few times. Watching the fireworks as young children were dancing…cute… yes but something more. I watched as one went over to the other and introduced herself and made an invitation to dance. There wasn’t any hesitation to…

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