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Be With It

Woke up achy, stiff, and oddly flu-ish yesterday. Can’t be, my stubborn head insisted. It’s the middle of summer already. Shake it off. Time to get up and go. This in spite of the previous day’s overexertion that included a challenging run in the heat followed by teaching a super hot class that required more demonstrating than usual at high noon. Rest? Nah. Not for this warrior!

After an ambitious trail walk followed by lunch with my sweetheart, I went from warrior to wilting flower fast. My entree was the tipping point toward full-blown nausea…a vegan salad that included unpronounceable green stuffs, burnt seitan, and a mystery sauce. My dear man softly suggested that in the future, seaweed might best be left in the sea for our finned friends to consume.

An hour later I landed in bed, doubled over in belly pain, fever, and the shakes. I wriggled, turned, shifted pillows, added/removed blankets. No relief. Until finally, I thought about my yoga practice. What would I do in a situation like this? Where I’m uncomfortable and antsy as hell in a pose?

Be with it.

Simple. Just breathe deeply and be with it. It wasn’t easy, but I was out of options and miserable. What’s so fascinating, is that though I didn’t necessarily find comfort in my ‘being with it’ state, I found peace. Peace as opposed to yearning for a solution. Peace instead of feeling sorry for myself. Peace rather than fearing how my temporary pain might affect classes and activities remaining for the week.

So if you’re in an uncomfortable situation right now and struggling for mercy, try just being with it. It might just help.

Peace and love to you all.



3 comments on “Be With It

  1. Greg Weaver says:

    god work on the post, I loved it.

    Gregory L. Weaver

    206-914-0220 Cell

  2. Maia says:

    “… I went from warrior to wilting flower fast…”
    I had to laugh, I’m sorry. But the image in my overactive head can sooo get the better of me. I enjoyed this post. And truth be told, you sound very much ‘ being with IT’.
    Take care of yourself. Teaching others can be natural as ABCs; but teaching ourselves can be an Einstein algorithm.
    Namaste! =)

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