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Teach the teacher daily lesson 6/2/2013

Yoga-for-heart1-300x254Daily lesson from June 2, 2013 (Teach the teacher):  She’s new. And yoga is now her thing. My new student cheerily introduced herself, and made this bold statement as she gathered her arsenal of gear (mat, block, water bottle, towel), and set up yoga shop smack center in the room.

This took me back to my re-entry into yoga a few years ago. Read my bio and and you’ll learn I’ve been practicing for nearly two decades, but the reality is that for many years yoga was secondary to hardcore pursuits like marathon running, lung-busting hill climbs on a bicycle, and bootcamp fitness. It took a torn calve muscle and personal life crisis to bring me back to yoga, and I made the same statement to my teacher at the time.

“Yoga is my thing, sister. Bring it on!” She did, and I am happily teaching and practicing today.

How many times do we say this at the beginning of a new pursuit? We get excited about the newness of it all. The discovery of odd muscles that have lied dormant for too many years. The giant learning curve ahead. The cool people around us who are farther along on their journey. The clothes. The jargon. The props associated with our new thing. It’s all, so, NEW.

But then a time comes when we hit that God-awful place – familiarity. And boom, the fever is gone.

But here’s my yogi advice: bust through the familiarity by surrounding yourself with new, excited yogis like my new student today, and make a big, bold statement to yourself that:

It is your THING. Whatever that activity is. It is your THING.

Namaste and thank you new student for adding a little mojo to today’s practice for those of us fighting an occasional bout of familiarity.


One comment on “Teach the teacher daily lesson 6/2/2013

  1. GW says:

    Right on sister!

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