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A cool message from Rush to this yogi: keep the fire lit under your dreams

28th Annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony - Show 28th Annual Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony - Show

Think the last time I heard Rush play was a good three decades ago, as my brother enacted an impressive air guitar performance to Tom Sawyer. I liked them, but whatever. I soon followed my pals and jumped on the New Wave bandwagon (bands that weren’t exactly bands. More like synth-popsters with black eyeliner).

Fast forward to last weekend. Nothing on TV, I remote-surfed my way to a re-broadcast of the 2013 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Awards. In between far too many unprepared presenters relying on expletives (Foo Fighters) and self-adulation (I love you Oprah, but this is Quincy Jones’ moment already), Rush was inducted. I watched and listened with growing awe over the fact that:

a) Tom Sawyer is still a rockin’ cool song. I almost stood and got out the air guitar.

b) Apparently, the trio has been rockin’ together since I was in diapers.

c) And they ripen like fine wine. Geddy Lee’s pipes were crystal clear. Rock star or tenor in La Boheme? While multi-tasking between the bass and keyboards?? And Neil Peart’s whip-fast hands showed no signs of slowing down.

I got a little background lesson from my Rush-fanatic boyfriend after the awards, and learned that Peart also writes the lyrics, which, my boyfriend declared, I really oughtta listen to. Me being a yoga instructor constantly starving for inspiring messages and all.

So I did. And quickly landed on the fist few lines of Mission:

Hold your fire, keep it burning bright, hold the flame, til the dream ignites, a spirit with a vision, is a dream with a mission…

I love this. How many times do we kiss off our dreams because we simply give up? Stop believing? Instead of letting go, why not keep a fire lit under our dream, keep working at, taking action, until it ignites?

Congratulations, Rush. And thank you for providing a powerful message to share in my class.

(I even opened class with Tom Sawyer at the top of my playlist. Almost had my students bust out the air guitars, but this is yoga).

*photo credit: Kevin Winter, Getty Images

One comment on “A cool message from Rush to this yogi: keep the fire lit under your dreams

  1. Michael Palermo says:

    I have often thought of putting Rush into my playlist but backed off because, well, who knows why, maybe it just doesn’t sound right. Maybe I should just go for it. I use the Spice Girls after all, right?

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