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Teach the teacher daily lesson 4/30/2013

2012-08-17 16.16.40Daily lesson from April 30, 2013 (Teach the teacher): It’s only Tuesday, and so far this week two students have sent me a clear message: “Adjust me already!”

What’s really interesting to me is that neither yogis are newbies. More like potential Yoga Journal cover models. So my initial thought was, what the heck am I gonna adjust? Your pose looks awesome already.

But here’s my lesson (and I learned this in my training, but somehow circumvented around it): adjusting is not just correcting a pose. It’s also helping an advanced yogi move deeper into a pose to explore their ‘edge’. (*side note: we use the word ‘edge’ a lot in Yogaland – it basically means the point where you’ve gone as far as you can go without completely freaking out or hurting yourself. And many of us still struggle to find it – we either wimp out and avoid it, or blow past it and pay handsomely in the next several practices.)

Adjusting the rock stars takes a shitload of confidence for a newbie teacher like me. I can project all the way to kingdom come (thanks to past public speaking stints and broadcast journalism education), sequence an intelligent flow, and cue pretty well, but adjusting is a fine art that does not come naturally for me. I’m getting there, applying my palms to poses I see in the room that clearly need realignment, but shifting a beautifully expressed pose into a deeper, edgier place is serious business, and one that I refuse to take lightly.

So bear with me yogis, I’m working on it. And if you happen to be in my class, and I waltz right past you, just give me a little “over here, Shannon!” and I’ll do my best to get you closer toward your fabulous edge.


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