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Your Body is a Miracle

band-larger-lgSo I visited “Freshly Pressed” (a weekly selection of stop what yer doin’ and READ items selected by the awesome WordPress crew) and stopped what I was doin’ to gain some truly valuable insight from a new mama coming to terms with her changing body.

I don’t have kiddos. Haven’t experienced a whole lotta fluctuation in my own body since puberty. I’m tall, lean, and sometimes really lean when I lay off the animal cookies, sometimes fleshier when I regularly dip my hand in the bucket for a fistful of the carb-heavy critters. But I rarely vary beyond one size, unless a tumble-high GE dryer is involved.

But this post brought tears to my eyes. It made me mourn for all the negative hours I’ve spent lamenting this amazing body that has stood by me and enabled me to live fully for 44 years and counting. Life changes. Bodies change. And when the body is called upon to create a human being, or go to combat against an illness or disease, it takes on a new shape. A new shape our twisted, ‘gotta lose the baby weight in 48 hours’ obsessed society refuses to embrace. I know this fundamentally, and yet, even now, I sometimes get tempted to use exercise as a tool for burning off indulgences (hmm – a ten mile run should cancel out that fistful of animal cookies). Don’t do this! Exercise should be practiced out of pure joy and love, never fear or remorse.

So, in the spirit of appreciating our changing bodies, give your fleshy parts a loving squeeze and enjoy this wonderful post: Metamorphosis (Or: Apparently My Body is Missing ?!)


2 comments on “Your Body is a Miracle

  1. Danielle says:

    Very insightful and truly something to think about. Honor our body as it is in good times and the not so good times :):):)

    1. Indeed. Miss you my dear!

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