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Front page story: China earthquake

130421062549-04-china-earthquake-0421-horizontal-galleryToday’s perspective (Front page story: A yogi’s perspective) on this tragic story brings me to the literal meaning of yoga, which is to ‘yoke’, or ‘unite’. After scrolling through a long list of top stories on Google News, I eventually came to this one, ‘China earthquake shears off mountainsides, kills 186’. Frankly, I was shocked at how much mouse time my finger had to endure to finally land on it.

In a nutshell: 186 dead (and counting), 8,200 (and counting) filling hospitals after a massive earthquake in the Sichuan province of China. My first thought is, why the hell is this story at the bottom of the pile??? Um, this is BIG news. And ranks a little higher than Google News ‘Most popular stories’ sidebar with the following headlines:

  • ‘Celeb Pix: Drew Barrymore blankets herself for GLAAD Media Awards’
  • ‘Shots fired during pot holiday…’
  • ‘Boston bombing suspects planned more attacks’

A yogi’s perspective: Now let’s be clear. I am not dismissing the newsworthiness of any of the above stories.

  • Miss Drew – good for you! You go on ahead and rock that “shapeless, quilted dress” while all the other divas push the winning envelope by flashing a little boob so they too might just get a mention in Google’s ‘most popular’ story scroll.
  • Denver hemp revelers can toke on up legally now, but it appears a few armed and dangerous gun-wielders had another, deadlier, interpretation of a smoke-out. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt.
  • The Boston bombings are still raw in our hearts (read my perspective here: It Coulda Been Me), and I, as many of you, will continue to read the news in a feeble attempt to try and understand (but likely never will) just how on earth this happened.

But China suffered too. Big time. And this is BIG news. And why I couldn’t find this story amidst the other headlines underscores what yoga seeks to eradicate – this polarization between ‘us’ and ‘them’. The victims in China might not look like you. Might not live like you, speak the same language as you, eat the same cereal as you. But guess what. They are just like you. They are your brothers and your sisters. They have families. They have hopes. They have fears. And they are suffering from a monster natural disaster that demands our attention. So stop. Read. Empathize. And send your loving thoughts to the victims in China.


2 comments on “Front page story: China earthquake

  1. greg weaver says:

    Ms Brady – I eagerly await your regular posts for this reason – insights I otherwise totally miss. Thank you, and love to our friends in China.

  2. Danielle says:

    I had no idea, thank you for opening my eyes!

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