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Front page story: a yogi’s perspective


photo credit: FBI

I’ve got a new category of posts for you, dear yogis. “Front page story: a yogi’s perspective”. This idea came about for myriad reasons, but here are my top three:

  1. Since I practice yoga, teach yoga, prattle on about yoga to anyone willing to stay within earshot, dream about yoga, and create class sequences in my head when not otherwise occupied, I naturally think in yogic terms as I peruse my daily WSJ, Huffington Post online, Time magazine, Google news search and other endless sources of news and scuttlebutt.
  2. I firmly believe if at least one character in every story I read took 10 minutes a day to consciously breathe, stand on their head, or repeat the mantra “I will be kind”, then the story in front of me would undoubtedly have a happier ending.
  3. I’m typically multitasking whilst reading, sitting comfortably in upavista for longer stories, uncomfortably in half lotus for speed reads. The yoga just naturally creeps its way into my perspective on the big news of the day.

So let’s begin. Today’s headline, compliments of Jean Eaglesham, Reed Albergotti, and Hannah Karp of the WSJ: Secret Recordings, Cash in Insider Sting

In a Nutshell: KPMG LLP partner (ahem, former partner since the FBI caught up with him) Scott London and LA jewelry business owner/tee time buddy at the country club pal Bryan Shaw are in hot water with the SEC and FBI for swapping insider trading secrets, wads of greenbacks and a Rolex or two. Shady stuff, and both are headed to court with their tails between their legs.

This yogi’s take on it: Fellas, you’re breakin’ the rules! And the fact that 3 reporters were assigned to this story underscores the magnitude – clearly there’s more at stake than a little quid pro quo. If Mr. London and Mr. Shaw had taken a few moments to read up on the the first limb of Patanjali’s 8-limbed yogic path, the yamas (behavioral/ethical restraints), they’d have recognized that they were breakin’ a whole lot more than a few corporate no no’s. They pretty much busted every one of the following:

  • Ahimsa. Non-harming. They hurt a lot of folks. Their families, employers and employees, clients, honest participants in the stock market, to name a few.
  • Satya. Truthful living. Time to meditate and pray, Mr. London and Mr. Shaw. What is your truth? To amass a large vault of jewels and an ‘I’m the shit’ ego? Or to live amongst the rest of us mortals and serve. Use your education and business acumen to do something higher than steal and lie.
  • Asteya. Non-stealing. I’m 100% in favor of hard-working, honest workers living the high life and enjoying the fruits of their efforts. Just earn it, please. Don’t steal on insider information that isn’t yours to share and benefit from.
  • Brahmacharya. Abstinence. We all have the occasional urge to act uncontrollably. But the good man contains it.
  • Aparigraha. Non-grasping, non-covetousness, letting go of desires. Letting go of the desire to acquire material, expendable things to maintain a superficial image can only result in a happier, more relaxed human being.

So how’s that for a start? I’ll prattle on about my yogic take on stories to come. And sadly, scuttlebutt to come too, as there is an endless supply churning the web and print rolls.



3 comments on “Front page story: a yogi’s perspective

  1. Greg Weaver says:

    another really fine piece of work my dear.

  2. Maja M says:

    Great idea for posts!
    Looking forward to reading more šŸ™‚


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