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Teach the teacher daily lesson 4/7/2013

tumblr_m8i2uhDciK1r4ly8qo1_400Shake it off, collect yourself, and start again.

Daily lesson from April 7, 2013 (Teach the teacher):  My mama used to share this advice with me when I stumbled, forgot a step, or simply forgot where the hell I was or what I was supposed to be doing. Be it a recital, presentation, or any activity that involved bleachers or seats warmed by viewers expecting to be entertained, she drove home the fact that, no matter what, the show must go on.

Fast forward to my yoga teaching doubleheader this morning. Midway through class two, my yogi brain left the room during an important sequence. It eventually came back, but only after noticing my dear students were in Warrior III at the wrong place and time. Several WTF?? alarm bells in my head quickly ensued. I couldn’t very well hold them here much longer for fear their fatiguing standing legs might buckle into a heap of Domino yogis.

Enter mama in my head. Shake it off, Shannon. Collect yourself. And start again.

My mama learned this lesson in her own way, having competed as a figure skater in her youth. Growing up, we followed all the greats together – Kristi Yamaguchi. Brian Boitano. Michelle Kwan. Torvill & Dean (and a long list of others). And mama always reminded me the toughest part of skating was after that first fall. How hard it was to shake it off, collect oneself, and start again. What frequently follows are a series of botched jumps and, sadly, the banged-up skater’s giant sigh of resigned relief when the performance from hell is finally over. Awaiting the judges’ wrath of low scores is an additional shot of salt to the wounds, melting the skater’s confidence as swiftly as it does the ice itself.

As much as I wanted to burrow behind the stack of blocks and blankets at that fateful point in class, I didn’t allow it. Make mama proud Shannon! And I can honestly say I did. I somehow steered my class out of Warrior III, and back into the sweet flow I created for this morning’s class.

I shook it off. Collected myself. And started again.

Notice how you react this week to the inevitable curve ball headed your way. Can you view it as an awesome opportunity vs. a paralyzing fear? I did. Thank you mama.

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