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Teach the teacher daily lesson 3/18/2013

no-alcoholDaily lesson from March 18, 2013 (Teach the teacher):

“It was your class or a cocktail,” my dear student shared minutes before class, confessing to a miserable day at work.

This is part of what I LOVE about teaching – that I can actually serve as a healthy alternative to a cocktail. How cool is that? And I especially appreciate this because I used be that guy, doing hard time in a swivel ergo desk chair banging away at a keyboard on another soulless Monday, daydreaming of what it would be like to settle my achy hips onto a mat and stretch my fingers out wide. Sure, I could have sat on the floor at my former corporate gig, maybe even bust out into headstand when no one was looking. But at the end of the day, I was still staring into a glowing computer monitor, with an endless scroll of emails demanding my attention. And there were many a day I, too, faced the same decision as my student:

Power Hour or Happy Hour?

Sometimes I made the wise decision, sometimes not, feeling even stiffer the following morning as my cranky hips and stiff shoulders settled into another rote day at the office.

But since shifting my life’s work toward living, teaching and sharing yoga with others, I’ve long since left the happy hour behind and relished in days like today, where I get to play a small part in making someone’s life a little better.

So thank you, dear student, for choosing to love and care for your beautiful body and ending a crappy work day on a positive note.

Namaste and see you in class đŸ™‚



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