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Do it for someone else


Just read a powerful story about not giving up. In a nutshell, professional cyclist Taylor Phinney rode a grueling, thigh-killing, lung-busting stage and ended up dead last. But the guy FINISHED. Which is more than several other riders, who chose to unclip and bail before things got really ugly on a ride that even the tour directors deemed overly- excessive.

I’ve included a link below, and encourage you to read. Here is what really resonated with me:

  • Tyler very well could have called it day and rested up for the next stage, but he rode for someone else. He rode for his father, a former professional cyclist who now suffers from Parkinson’s Disease. Tyler knew, that if his dad had the opportunity to sit in his saddle during this miserable ride, he would have jumped at the chance, regardless the pain.
  • Tyler thought of someone else on the entire ride (his dad) to see him to the finish line.

So I guess I’m just thinking, if you don’t feel like getting up, moving, riding, practicing yoga, throwing a baseball, or whatever it is you do, and can do, then do it for someone else. Someone who would be damn grateful to be able to do what you get to do.

The link: Taylor Phinney story


2 comments on “Do it for someone else

  1. Greg Weaver says:

    This connects with me – I did not want to practice last night, but I did anyway, and feel much better about it today 🙂 thanks baby.

  2. I agree so much. Often when I’m feeling lazy or feel like giving up, I visualize someone I love and dedicate what I’m doing to them. It changes your whole perspective and you no longer feel comfortable quitting. I need to remember this more often, when I’m eating, exercising, or anything I’m doing… it’s not just about me. We don’t live in an isolated bubble and all of our choices affect others too, in some way, at some time. We are all interconnected and keeping that in mind during our day, or during difficult challenges is imperative to success!!

    Thank you for posting this!

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