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Teach the teacher daily lesson 3/2/2013

Ashe 1Start-where-you-are

Daily lesson from March 3, 2013 (Teach the teacher):

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” I love this quote from Arthur Ashe, which YogaSoul owner Linda Domino shares throughout her new studio and website.

I’ve been practicing yoga for some time, and teaching for six months now, so “starting where I am…” in both practice and teaching feels pretty good. Familiar. Comfortable. But for one student who attended a class I taught this morning, ‘familiar’ and ‘comfortable’ were hardly the best words to describe how she was feeling on the mat.

She came to my heated power vinyasa class at the recommendation of a friend, who has been practicing with me pretty regularly. The friend accurately described to her what to expect in my class, so my new student did not enter the room expecting a soft, gentle flow. I learned later after class that it had been over a year since my new student had practiced regularly, and that my class was indeed a challenge for her.

But here is what I find SO cool: she came, started where she was, used what she had, and did what she could. Before leaving, she took time to share how much she enjoyed the challenge, enjoyed the freedom and encouragement to take breaks where needed, and the anticipation of getting back to her practice and growing stronger each day.

THANK YOU sweet student for demonstrating exactly what Arthur Ashe was encouraging us all to do.

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