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Teach the teacher daily lesson 2/20/2013

Troubled with QuestionsDaily lesson from February 20, 2013 (Teach the teacher):

Opened Facebook a couple hours after class to find a surprise post on my timeline: “Great class tonight!!!” Come again?? The post came from a front row regular and fellow instructor who took, what I considered to be, an absolutely abysmal class. Her post was a TOTAL surprise as I felt so completely off my game throughout the grueling evening power hour, I silently willed the clock to run out.  Ten more minutes?? Good Lord, gimme Svasana NOW. My cues felt vague, pacing choppy, connection to the class broken. And yet…

This lovely post reminded me to consider for myself the reminders I consistently share with my students: DON’T BEAT YOURSELF UP.

Not every practice is going to feel like an Oscar-worthy performance. In fact, most won’t. Tonight’s felt like a zero-star B-flick headed straight to the cheap cable channel. But after reading the FB post again (OK, I read it 18 times to pick myself up off the floor), I came to the following beautiful conclusions:

  • Not every practice is going to feel the same. Sometimes it will flat out suck. But sucky practices often lead to big breakthroughs – such as the simple realization that it’s OK to suck once in awhile. We all do on our journey toward greatness.
  • Not everyone is judging you. Or even paying attention to you. More likely they’re engulfed in their own mind-business – deciding whether a headstand is a good idea, or a surefire way to tumble into their neighbor on the mat.
  • We’re always tougher on ourselves. In my case teaching tonight, at least one of my students thought my crap class was a red-carpet worthy effort.
  • Yoga doesn’t issue report cards. To leave class with a checklist building in your brain on what went wrong is just plain wrong. You came. You practiced. And that is 100% right.

So thank you dear student, for reminding me that tonight was a GREAT class.

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