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Go ahead my dear, CUT!

551558_10200604721870730_1273888413_nSometime after the last sip of Pike Place Roast and before crossing the street, I declared to my sweet BF that it had to go. The long blonde locks. The daily battle with monster round brush. Kettlebell-heavy industrial weight blowdryer. Comb-out torture. Wrestle-fest with flat-iron, curling-iron, goopy goo to straighten, curl, tame, only to end up tying it all back in a ponytail after complete resignation. I was DONE with the two-year, “hey baby let’s try growing it out!” hair experiment.

Time for a new formula.

So down the street and into the salon we went, chosen solely by awesome curb appeal and great-lookin’ babes with fab dos flitting in and out. Nice receptionist greeted me, BF settled into a cushy sofa (knowing full well my little ‘consultation’ time frame would likely be the equivalent of two final quarters of the big game – timeouts and commercials included), and my soon-to-be stylist welcomed me over to the consultation area.

“We lookin’ for a little trim and touch-up today?” my sweet young stylist chirped.

“Um, no. I want it gone. Cut short. A totally new look.”


I think I totally spooked my stylist, who spent the next twenty minutes suggesting (actually, pleading) we take this process in “baby steps”. You know, an inch and a little layering today, let’s get to know each other a bit, and over the next few appointments we’ll work toward a shorter look.

She was convincing. I left the salon at approximately noon, BF happily ready to go from salon divan to home media room couch, with an appointment to return two hours later. I honestly thought, after our consultation, that I’d be back for a little trim and layering. A sensible approach to my new look, however the hell long that would take (4 appointments later? 5??)

But yours truly is rarely sensible. Within minutes of leaving, I knew that once back in the chair, it would be my turn to be convincing. The tables (or vanities, in the case) had to be turned. I needed to convince my new girl to get out the scissors and CUT.

Bless her heart, with a look of dread at first snip on her face, she did. Cut off a good six inches and gave me a whole new look that I am beyond thrilled with.

Now what to do with that dryer. Think I’ll add it to the BF’s home gym set.


One comment on “Go ahead my dear, CUT!

  1. danielle minuto says:

    My what a loong beautiful neck you have my dear friend!!

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