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Teach the teacher daily lesson 2/15/2013

925723-skeleton-model-with-a-heart-in-itDaily lesson from February 15, 2013: (Teach the teacher)

A few days ago I read a poem written by a former classmate/now successful published author and poet. She pointed out, quite poetically, that all skeletons bear a giant grin. Obvious enough, I thought. But what’s your point? Me not being the patient enough sort to spend the time required to discern high-brow poetry, the point just didn’t make its way across.

In other words, I didn’t get it.

Until class this morning. It’s one of things I love about yogaland – epiphanies frequently enter the landscape. Yep. Just get your head under your shoulder and arm wrapped into some crazy bind and you never know just what might be revealed.

So in class today, my little epiphany hit me as I paid close attention to my students faces:

A giant grin from one after a verbal cue and adjustment to her downward dog that made a noticeable difference in her experience in the posture.

Several grimaces during a lengthy Warrior III, intended to test their balance, strength, and patience.

That’s when it hit me. Sometimes we grin, sometimes we grimace. But regardless of what our fleshy faces reveal, behind it is a big, wide grin. We are naturally disposed to smile. They say it takes fewer muscles to smile than frown, too.

So if you can’t think of any reason to smile, just picture the gorgeous, bony grin resting just below the surface of your face.

Namaste and see you in class!

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