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Teach the teacher daily lesson 2/11/2013

imagesDaily lesson from February 11, 2013: (Teach the teacher)

“Do you think this is a good fit for me?”

Hmm. Sounds like me bantering with the sales girl hoping with all hope she thinks the ridiculously pricey, overly-embellished, one spring season and they are waayyy outta style jeans look good on me. Of course she does. Say hello to commission.

But these weren’t Levis. And I am no salesgirl (tried that, failed miserably, but I’ll save that for another soul-boosting blog post).

The question came to me from a tough, rock-solid, first-time-to-yoga-class dude who made it through my high-charged, 95-degree power hour vinyasa class. He wasn’t new to yoga, but warned me at the onset of class that his experience was limited to ‘a few videos in my living room’. I encouraged him to give it a shot (why not? you’re here, and you went to all that effort to roll out the brand spankin’ new mat in the second row).

I LOVE new students. Here’s why. They really listen. I urged him (and the entire class, as I always do), to TAKE BREAKS where needed. Example: when the steady, calming Ujayi breath morphs into the short, frantic, ‘oh God I just took the Polar plunge’ sort. Not good.

This guy did. Took my advice. Settled into child’s pose at various points in the class, while a few around him were frolicking way too deep underwater and out of breath with the polar bears. Ego kept them from easing off and taking the wise stance of their neighbor – my new guy in the room.

So to answer your question, new dude to class, YES. This is indeed a good fit for you, and I hope everyone else in the room can learn from your awesome beginner’s mind. You will no doubt be rockin’ it with fewer breaks in no time.

Namaste and see you in class 🙂



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