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The way you move

chopped_melissa_darabian sting-universe-number-five

After quality fanny time watching an episode of Chopped, followed by Crossroads, a song popped into my head:

I Like the Way, by the Bodyrockers. Goes like this: “but most of all, yeah most of all…I like the way you move. I like the way you move.”

Correlation here?

As a yoga instructor, runner, and adult jungle-gym rat (handstands in the living room are a regular part of life), I pay close, VERY close, attention to how people move. It’s downright fascinating to me. Military ladies and gents who stand so erect you can’t help but salute. Running backs in helmets that traverse down the field with a grace that could easily draw applause on stage at Lincoln Center. Chubby-cheeked two-year-old tots stumbling like drunkards to stay upright.


So when I watched the first program, Chopped, I noticed a young-ish (couldn’t been a day over 30) French female chef work magic with an impossible basket of freak ingredients (dried pancake mix and lamb’s heart). Until, while racing away from her cooktop to find another ingredient in the pantry, she bit it. HARD. Fell and burnt herself. Anyone can fall, but here’s the thing I noticed: even within her cooking station, she looked so stiff. Hunched. Out of breath. And under 30? To be clear, there is no judgment on my part. I can barely chop an onion without lopping off a finger. Just noticing how one moves. I fear that by the time she hits 40, bending down to pull out a souffle will be horrid struggle.

Fast forward to Crossroads. Cool program on Palladia paring musicians from totally different genres. In this case, rocker turned jazzy/soulful singer Sting with country boy Vince Gill. Sting shared with Vince (and us ladies sitting on our fannys watching the show on TV ogling at his gorgeousness) that he was 60. As in 6-0??? Moved like he was 20. While mellowish Mr. Gill stood absolutely still aside from flexing his impressive vocal chords and whip-fast guitar fingers, Sting was hopping up and down, flexing his chiseled biceps, shaking his head and looking ready to fly right off the stage and into the arms of his adoring fans. This is what a lifetime of activity – in his case  yoga – has done for him. Given him room to MOVE, baby.

Inspiring enough to get me off my fanny to do another yoga practice. But first another episode of Chopped. Gotta see what they’re gonna do with the Cheezits!!

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