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Teach the teacher 2/8/2013

GarudasanaDaily lesson from February 8, 2013: (Teach the teacher):

Autopilot. Both my students and I were on it a few times in class today. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as consistent practice and teaching can bring about a cool little rhythm. Inhale UP! Exhale EMPTY OUT! And so it GOES! And the beat goes on.

Until, of course, I’m flyin’ north and my students are somewhere off the grid. The journey back to center can get pretty jarring. Especially when a left shoulda been a right (don’t get me started on that one, sigh).

So how to get us all back on the same flight path?

Humor sure helps.

“Hey coach, is this Twister training or is my hand really supposed to be on my elbow?” I bet some yogi out there can do it, but I’m not teachin’ it.

Er, sorry sweet student – my bad. I spaced for a split second and let the monkey mind wander to this morning’s media 5-alarm snow blast warning. I think their minds wandered too. Beyond the breath. Beyond the flow. Beyond the room. And somewhere out in la la land.

Here’s what’s really funny. Garudasana (eagle) was the pose of the day – a pose synonomous with concentration and focus. Go figure. Eagles? More like seagulls chasing breadcrumbs strewn all over the harbor.

We all made it back, eventually, but I realized that in yoga, as in life, we gotta PAY ATTENTION. Drift away even for a second and my poor students go from eagles to seagulls. I go from mindful teacher to Twister freak.

So we laugh. Come back. And fly high on the same path again.


One comment on “Teach the teacher 2/8/2013

  1. G says:

    Monkees off the grid! Hilarious!!

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