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Teach the teacher daily lesson 2/6/2013

Daily lesson from February 4, 2013: (Teach the teacher)

One yogi’s epiphany is another’s confusion. I learned that in a rather embarrassing way after sharing a statement from a student in one class that I thought was just absolutely brilliant (a lightbulb!) with another class the following morning.

It started with a little dude talk at the end of power yoga class I taught Monday. It goes something like this:

“Man, you’re one of those yogi guys. Bet you been doin’ yoga all your life.”

Humble smile in response from the young man whose revolved, bound, crescent lunge looked effortless enough for me to toss him a toothbrush for a little extra multitasking fun.

“I’m too old, man. My body just doesn’t move that way, no matter what I do.”

This time, a verbal response from ‘yogi guy’:

“It’s never too late for yoga. And you’re never too old. You have a lifetime to practice.”

DUDE! Is what I say. Now that’s some cool wisdom both the boys and girls can appreciate.

Or so I thought.

Apparently, not all the ladies at the following Tuesday morning class lit up upon hearing this bit of wisdom. My hands in anjali mudra, head bowed, eyes closed, I, like a wise little Buddha wannabe, reminded them at the end of class to “honor your practice, and remember you have a lifetime to practice and enjoy the ride.” Or something along those lines.


Until one wise woman asked me to clarify what I meant. In her mind, we don’t have a lifetime. It could be gone tomorrow. There are no guarantees we can practice for a lifetime.

I did my best to explain that, to me, a ‘lifetime to practice’ means there is no finish line, or deadline, to nail a pose, or ‘achieve’ anything in yoga, but to simply keep on practicing. And enjoy the ride.

She nodded lovingly, now understanding my thought process. But I learned today that just because a thought or phrase resonates big time with me, that lightbulb might be dead in its socket to someone else.

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