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Teach the teacher daily lesson 2/5/2013

Daily lesson from February 5, 2013: (Teach the teacher)

Before prompting my AM yoginis (no gents today) to settle into their yogic ‘seat’, close their eyes, and connect to the breath, I noticed one completely blissed-out student propped up on a cushion without a shred of tension. Just a smile and a half-joking request to stay put right there the remainder of class.

Hmm…must have been some weekend. I had to inquire further. Glad I did.

She had a fabulous time with her grandson exploring a kids’ museum in Connecticut. And the coolest part? A kids’ yoga demo that piqued the interest of her young grandson. Apparently this wasn’t his first opportunity. His school offers yoga too.

Got me to thinking. Where the heck were yoga opportunities when I was chasing recess? Not in recess, that’s for certain.

More like dodge ball, where the boys relished in nailing the girls cowering in a corner.

Or my ballet drill sergeant in a tutu and tights stomping on my back to ‘guide’ me into upavista konasana (center splits with your belly on the floor).

Even as a teen in gymnastics, no encouragement to breathe, float, or take child’s pose where needed. Just a holler every time I toppled off the balance beam to get my ass back up there again and do it right.

Yoga for kids. Dang, I like this! A new generation of youngin’s learning to breathe, focus, consider their response before reacting, and cultivating gratitude as they glide their way into beautiful asanas. And more importantly, into life. Future teachers, professors, and bosses screaming down their throats? No matter. A few down dogs and deep, powerful breaths will give them the space and wisdom to mindfully handle any situation.

Mindfulness. Harumph! For my generation (I’m pushing 44), it was more like, “mind me, or else!”

But that’s OK. I get it now. It just took me a little longer than the little yogi tykes today.

And no, I still can’t get my belly on the floor in upavista konasana. But, then, I haven’t tried it with a tutu…

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