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Teach the teacher daily lesson 1/29/2013

Daily lesson from January 29, 2013: (Teach the teacher)

Blood. Sweat. And tears.

Not whatcha usually think of when thinkin’ ’bout yoga!

And yet, after chatting with a wise student after class, who gently reminded me to simply, “teach what you know, my dear,” a few hours later I realized I had experienced all three in the past 24 hours.

Blood. Sweat. Tears.

A bloody toe that I was just too damn busy to deal with that cracked open again on my mat this afternoon, turning my pretty green Manduka an icky shade of crimson.

Sweat. And no, not the ‘good’ sweat that comes from a heated vinyasa practice. But sweat on my brow before bed last night as I allowed my imagination to run wild with worst-case scenarios of a seriously amped-up teaching schedule beginning next week.

Tears. Yes tears at continued frustration over handstands that continue to result in cartwheels. Why won’t they just stick?

So when my wonderful, wise student ‘teacher’ calmly suggested that I relax and simply teach what I know, I immediately recognized that I had gotten way ahead of myself with anticipation and frustration.

She had no idea what was going on in my head. She was simply sharing with me after class a new version of matsyasana she learned in another workshop that I might want to see. I was intrigued, and offered my version, explaining that what she was showing me was new to me.

Perhaps she sensed my quick self-recrimination of not being familiar with her new version of matsyasana (fish pose).

Perhaps she saw me thinking: “loser girl, how come you don’t know this? How come you don’t know EVERYTHING about yoga?”

Wow. Was I that obvious? Have I been so absorbed in perfection that I’m spewing blood, sweat, and tears on my mat and beyond?

Thank you, THANK YOU, sweet student of mine, for gently reminding me to relax, rejoice, and teach what I know.

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