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Teach the teacher daily lesson 1/25/2013

Daily lesson from January 25, 2013: (Teach the teacher)

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A lovely brunette with a bright pink mat and iron will stopped me after svasana to share that finally, FINALLY, she was beginning to develop upper body strength. Her chatturangas were seriously beginning to ROCK.

What is it with women and upper body strength? Why do so many of us despise building it? I know men whose biggest exertion of the day consisted of opening a tightly sealed bottle of water (for bird-handed gals like me). And yet, upon cue, have been able to pound out 25 pushups with relative ease. Only to return to the sofa to watch other men exert themselves athletically in the game of the day. (Mind you this is by no means the current man in my life, who flows gracefully and willingly through daily yoga practice with me.)

But for so many women, especially those with tall, lanky frames like me and the lovely brunette I chatted with after class, developing upper body strength takes time. Discipline. Commitment. Pain. An IRON WILL.

Pushups, chatturangas, long-held planks often begin with a banana back, drooped head, red face, several f*** yous to anyone within earshot, and a commitment to conquering a distinct natural disadvantage to the dudes who don’t even have to try.

Here’s the cool thing, though. At some point, our sheer will pays off. Big time. Because we know how much time and effort it took to arrive at the effortless chatturanga, we appreciate it more. And needn’t wait for our mate to yank us off the sofa in a dare to perform on cue.

So ladies. I dare you – keep at it! I, and my lovely brunette student, are proof positive that upper body strength can be yours.


3 comments on “Teach the teacher daily lesson 1/25/2013

  1. tofubelly says:

    Love this! It takes me so much longer than my husband to develop endurance and strength (or even to get to the level from where he starts off). Happy to hear that I’m not alone, and excellent point about appreciation!

  2. I agree with tofubelly, it is great to know I am not alone! I remember the first time I got through a full class doing all unmodified chaturangas with ease. It felt like the greatest accomplishment of my life. Better than graduating college …almost.

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