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Teach the teacher daily lesson 1/16/2013

Daily lesson from January 16, 2013: (Teach the teacher)

“What do you mean, ‘stack my right hip over my left?'” A curious student asked me after class.

Hmmm…seemed pretty clear to me. But not to her. Hence today’s lesson: look, listen, and feel what your cues are doing for your students.

Look for puzzled expressions and hips that refuse to budge.

Listen to the breath. Is it really Ujayi? Or a room full of frustrated, collective sighs from students not getting what the heck I’m talking about.

Feel for a sudden plummet of energy. A break in the flow. An awkward pause waiting for me to come up with a better, more understandable cue.

It’s not just in yoga, but any form of communication with others. Look. Listen. Feel. And find a better way to get the message across. Next time, I’ll ask my students to open the right hip and raise it higher than the left during one leg downward facing dog. Maybe that’ll work. If not, another opportunity for me to look, listen, and feel!


One comment on “Teach the teacher daily lesson 1/16/2013

  1. Greg says:

    Brady – LOVE the theme of communication and how it applies to all forms…not just on the mat.

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