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One section at a time

The other night I peeled an orange, flipped through the WSJ, clicked to a Holiday movie on TBS, and nearly reached for the iPhone to check a message…all at once.

The result? Searing pain in left eye from a squirt released mid-peel (adding another task to my multi-list: go find the Visine). Newsprint all over fingers (now need to rinse the hands before eating orange).  Critical piece of sappy dialogue between Jack Black and Kate Winslet in ‘The Holiday’ lost.  Stubborn lock screen on iPhone refusing to swipe (ink and juice covered fingers useless).

Ummm…time to slow down??

Yes it is.  Time to reawaken the senses:

  • the taste of a ripe, juicy orange
  • the feel of a news medium careening toward obsolescence – Nook, iPad, Fire, and other plastic over paper devices be damned
  • the sight and sound of two actors capable of making me weep over a bad Hollywood tale of cheesy romance
  • the smell of my burning amber-scented candle

So, let’s try again. ONE THING AT A TIME.

Readers, chime on in: what’s your most recent multi-tasking failure, and what did you learn from it?


One comment on “One section at a time

  1. Greg Weaver says:

    Just last night, dinner with old friends, drinking wine, remembering crazy details from dinners back in the 80’s in south Texas – while at the same time mentally running through my brain in parallel how to either (A) work with these guys again, (B) live in Texas again and does that even make any sense, (C) wow we all look alot older than we did last time we were all together and how the hell did that happen (D) I drank too much pinot…today’s another day and its all good.

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