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Learning the ropes

Working with my monkey theme, I’ve been thinking a lot about my recent transition from corporate girl squirming to dive out of the ergonomic office chair (honestly people – sitting on the floor in a crossed legged seat will do more for your spine than a $1000 chair) and onto the yoga mat to the new yoga teacher girl I’ve become. My BF and I had an energy-charged discussion last night surrounding the amazing new opportunities to teach that have been coming my way of late.  Without realizing it, he shared a piece of sage advice that turned into a high wattage light bulb moment:

“Just keep your hand on one rope until you have a firm grasp of the next one.”

Like, totally!! (yes I’m a girl of the 80s)

This underscored exactly how I have been feeling. During my light bulb moment, I literally saw myself in monkey form swinging and flailing wildly through the jungle reaching for ropes in both excitement and terror:

If I grab this rope and let go of the other, will I be giving up my security?

If I hang on to what I’ve got and ignore this new, glittery rope swinging in front of me, will I be giving up an amazing opportunity?

Upon graduating from Yoga Teacher Training in August, I expected my teaching opportunities to take time…maybe I’d get to sub classes for a while, eventually earning my own class within a few months.  Use the next month or so to ‘perfect’ my sequencing in our home studio. Within a week of returning to Princeton, however, I landed a class right off the bat, and three weeks later, more classes at a second studio. Forget perfection, get in there and teach!

I LOVE teaching, ADORE learning and exploring, and feel ready to guide others into developing their yoga practice.

Still, I get a little scared sometimes…

How many classes should I take on in the beginning?  How challenging or restorative should my classes be?  How do I know if my students are satisfied? Disappointed? Energized? Inspired?

So much to consider.  But at this juncture, I’ve experienced enough in life (both missed opportunities and wise decisions to hold onto what has served me well) to believe I have a pretty good grasp on what ropes to reach for and when to hold on tight.

Teaching three classes a week feels right. Right now. The perfect balance between holding on and letting go as I learn the ropes of this new, exciting life path.

Now if I could just stand on my hands while eating a banana with my feet…

What are YOU holding onto? And should you let go and grab a new rope??


3 comments on “Learning the ropes

  1. greg says:

    smart BF you have there…

    1. danielle says:

      Yeah the bf seems very wise 😉

  2. danielle says:

    You are amazing! You articulated exactly how I feel right now, I also sit here wondering what am I holding on to?

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