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Wardrobe reflections

A recent scan of my closet felt like traveling back in time. A little DVF wrap dress staring back at me conjured up memories of an afterwork cocktail party in downtown Seattle. The absurdly pricey pair of Sevens folded near Mr. Weitzman’s oh so sexy zebra printed stilettos brought to mind the hard-earned weekend wear, and a once laissez-faire attitude when it came time to pay the credit card bill. It’s fashion after all!

Studying the garments before me now is a stark reminder of the shift that has taken place over the past two years – from a life of earning, spending, comparing and fretting to a new focus on conserving, appreciating, savoring and growing. I am infinitely more fulfilled.

The clothes of my past accommodated a job environment many women can identify with: desk, ergonomic keyboard, swivel chair and blinking phone message light. Clackety clack of the heels in and around the hallways were an all too familiar sound.

Embarking on a yoga teaching path, my new office will consist of a 70″ mat; hardwood floors, candles and maybe a little smiling Buddha to calm any newbie teaching jitters. The clackety clack? No more. Barefoot and free is beautiful part of my working future.

I’ll still relish the closet peering back at me now. That lovely tailored heather grey pencil skirt and gorgeous but torturous pair of Via Spigas will just be saved for a night out in New York, not a Monday morning meeting uniform.

Over the next few months, the structured gabardine and wool will slowly give way to Lycra and cotton as I finally don the clothes that allow me to do what I’ve always wanted to do – move. And give tired corporate souls, students, artists, and anyone else craving a daily time out to breathe, bend, flex, sweat the opportunity to do the same.



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