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About the monkey mind

40-something, 40-hours a week worker, and well over 40 thoughts racing through my monkey mind at any given moment. Something tells me I’m not unique in this regard. In our ‘connected’ world, it’s getting harder to unplug. My first winter in the Northeast even had me seeking in earnest for fingerless gloves. Yes fingerless. Frozen digits not as important as missing an important text!!

Mercifully, there IS hope. Even I, with a hyperactive disposition embedded in my DNA (read 2nd grade report card comment: “she has ants in her pants”) have made progress over the past year with my quest to tame the mind and savor the moment.

I’ll post my thoughts, other thoughts from experts, your thoughts, and a few totally unrelated items on this blog (yep, links to my past published and unpublished articles in hopes to land a freelance gig, or two, or three!)

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